Services offered by Papyrus Services offered by Papyrus

Customization Service
     We offer a customization service to all Papyrus Services clients.

    For more information please see our Customized  page


Personalized Service & Care

     At Papyrus Services, we are in the position to offer personalized service & care to all our



What Papyrus II offers:

      A proven product

      A locally developed and sources application

      Support that is attentive to your needs

      Links to Nielsen/Bookdata

      Well developed loyalty scheme

      Multi-store stock sharing

      Order tracking

      Auto-order fulfillment

      Automated returns

      Handles non-book stock items

      User-designed reports

      EDI ready (Proper integration of orders and confirmation)

      Emailed orders

      Designed to minimize data capture

      Continuously developing product

      Links to Pastel and AccPac




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