We have recently left the van Schaik group

and had to find a Point of Sale system and

database in a hurry. In fact we had three days

notice to find a replacement system.

Papyrus services acted fast and efficiently and

we had our data converted (they did it over a weekend)

then came to Johannesburg to work tirelessly for four

days, 16 hours a day to help us install the system,

train our personnel and adapt the system to our particular needs.

We were up and running without a break in service to our customers.

The Papyrus system is easy to use

and what we like very much is that it can be adapted

and customized for our needs. Service and system enquiries

are answered promptly. The personnel of Papyrus is helpful and

obliging to a fault, giving me the peace of mind that

need for a system that is used so intensely.

We love the ease of use and value the attentiveness

of the Papyrus support services. 

Do not hesitate to contact me on 011 482 3609.


Corina van der Spoel, Manager at Boekehuis, Johannesburg