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Some of our clients are mentioned below together with a brief description of the kind of businesses they represent.

Wordsworth Books ( 3 Locations)

A chain of retail book stores based in Cape Town. They commissioned the original version of Papyrus eight years ago. They have grown and the software has grown with them. A loyalty customer scheme is now being managed through Papyrus II as well as peer-to-peer sharing of stockholding information.

Hargraves Library Services ( 3 Locations)

A library supplier business based in Cape Town with branches in other parts of South Africa. The pro-forma invoicing, appro, order-tracking and fulfilment functions are of particular value to them.

Exclusive Books Library Division ( 1 Location)

Another major library supplier.

Clarke's Africana ( 1 Location)

A specialist antiquarian book supplier, that makes special use of Papyrus' ability to manage data about individual book copies, to handle mailing lists and to produce elegantly formatted printed catalogues.

Specialist requirements - mailing lists, catalogues, individual copy information, service levels



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